Field Inspection Services

With the constant occurrence of Foreclosure, abandonment of residential properties, and troubled personal possesions lenders can become highly overwhelmed having to maintain these properties and supervise properties that they believe will fall into these categories in the near future. 24/7 Mobile Notary's Field Service can make this dreadful task much simpler with our variety of field services that we provide. 

24/7 Mobile Notary Offers The Following Services :

  • Standard Occupancy Verification Inspection $25 Plus Travel
  • Interior Occupancy Inspection $35 Plus Travel 
  • Frequency Occupancy Inspection $30 Plus Travel 
  • Bankruptcy Occupancy Inspection $35 Plus Travel
  • Construction Progress Inspection $45 Plus Travel 
  • Insurance Inspections $35-$60 Plus Travel
  • Repair Inspections $40 Plus Travel 
  • Merchant Site Inspections $40 Plus Travel 
  • Commercial Inspections $75-$150 Plus Travel